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Our Kids Martial Arts program is like nothing else in the West San Fernando Valley. In addition to training in the traditional martial arts, which helps students build confidence, discipline, and a powerful sense of respect, our program incorporates fitness challenges, boxing, and self-defense.

Starting as early as three years old, you can help your child develop gross motor skills and take on age-appropriate training to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and hand-eye coordination. As students progress, they'll learn teamwork and leadership, the value of community service, and get access to the best kids program in West Hills!

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Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Teach Real Life Skills

Many parents think that Kids Martial Arts classes are just about punching and kicking, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Our program teaches kids as young as three years old how to develop confidence, discipline, respect, and teamwork skills. They'll also learn how to set and achieve smart goals, connect with new friends and positive mentors, and grow in unexpected ways. Our team at XplosiveFit has years of experience in helping kids from across West Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park become the best they can possibly be... so don't wait!

Sign up for Kids Martial Arts classes that will help your child:
  • Grow healthy confidence & self-esteem
  • Learn the value of respect & hard work
  • Meet new friends & find positive mentors
  • Get practice setting & achieving big goals

Plus Your Child Will Get Started On Lifelong Fitness!

In addition to the wealth of mental and emotional benefits of Kids Martial Arts classes, we'll also help your child develop physical skills. XplosiveFit strives to give kids from West Hills and beyond the opportunity to grow their strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Older students will also get started on learning practical self-defense skills that will keep them safe in the real world. From traditional martial arts to boxing, kids will be exposed to a wide variety of fun activities that will keep them excited, engaged, and moving.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes help develop:
  • Total-body strength & flexibility
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Balance & control
  • Real-world self-defense skills

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Join us for Kids Martial Arts classes that will help your child connect with their community, learn important life skills, and become the best they can be. Our team at XplosiveFit is here to offer world-class instruction, supervision, and training to youths from around West Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park.

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