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    I AM STRONG My programs have a 91% success rate of delivering on our promises we make to our clients. The downside… 9% of those who don’t reach their goals forget the most important aspect of this journey (accountability) and actually never end up continuing with a health and wellness plan. 75% of those people end up messaging me months or years later saying that they wish they’d never quit or had continued on…. NOT KRISTIE THOUGH… MAN WHAT A 6 MONTHS THIS BEASTMODE OF A LADY HAS HAD!!! Smashing through the holidays, New Years and countless holidays on her way to gaining her freedom from being uncomfortable with the ....

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    The scale doesn’t have to change drastically in order to see progress In fact, during a body recomp sometimes the scale doesn’t move at all You may be wondering what a body recomp is… Body recomposition (recomp) is the process of increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat. The goal of a body recomp is to change your body composition. WE DO NOT DEPEND ON SCALE WEIGHT TO DICTATE PROGRESS OF A BODY RECOMP. It’s important to focus on Changes in progress pictures How clothes are fitting Strength gains Increases in muscle mass Decrease in body fat percentage How you are feeling A body ....

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    When starting the conversation about bullying with a child, you need to set a proper foundation first . Otherwise, the focus always tends to be one reacting to a particular situation. This leads to only treating symptoms and not the disease itself. We need a method that teaches children to take responsibility for themselves and become part of the solution. Parents and teachers are here to give them the guidance, the tools and the skills to develop a strong self-worth and have healthy relationships. Here are some concepts you might consider discussing with your child(ren): "You have a choice." Everyone gets to choose how the respond to any particular situation. Tell them: You ....

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    "Screens" and their use have become pretty ubiquitous among both kids and adults. Frankly, it may not be possible to completely restrict / eliminate our kids use of screens, mobile devices and other tech. ARE YOUR KIDS GETTING TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 2 hours is the max for children and teenagers. That includes ALL SCREENS not just television. 2 and younger? Zero screen time is recommended. The scary thing? Kids between 8 and 18 are now averaging 7.5 hours of screen time PER DAY. We're almost a no-screen family at home. Phones stay in the mudroom, laptops stay closed and the TV stays off until the kids are in bed. But, ....

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  • Just Roll With It

    Just a few minutes of rolling can help make your muscles more receptive to stretching and relieve muscle soreness. Working out regularly will help you hold on to your flexibility, mobility, and independence. And using a simple tool may improve this grip on fitness by priming the muscles and making your workouts more effective — a foam roller. BENEFITS: Reduce muscle stiffness and delayed onset muscle soreness Increase range of motion and flexibility Raise pain pressure threshold (the measurement of the minimum force applied that induces pain) Promote faster injury recovery and rehabilitation ASK US: We can help you determine which muscles will benefit from foam rolling, and ....

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    Intuitively, the answer is yes. But, times change and traditional isn't always the ideal guide for what's best. Kids are busier than ever these days.And, these stresses of youth are already amplified due the evolution of social media and technology. Is helping to manage the household something theyreallyneed to be doing? Or, should we focus on making sure they do well in school while having time to still be a kid? Well, it turns out that doing chores, still has life long positive impact. A longitudinal (75 years) Harvard Study notes that the kids who did chores, had better health and financial outcomes later in life. Chores were a good predictor that children would become happy, ....

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  • Xplosivefit Member Transformations

    "For My fit family, I share these pictures. I think it's important to do this as I continue. Yes it keeps me accountable but that's not only the reason. For me, it acknowledges a part of my journey. I am happy to feel so strong now and more confident. However, It's still hard to do, since I don't particularly feel comfortable running around in a jog bra! I'm not where I want to be YET, but I am on the road to get there. AT 54 to get stronger (not weaker) is in itself a big deal. If I can do it you can too!" -12 lbs body fat -18 plus pounds in total. -2% body fat overall Edie I. ....

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  • 5 Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween

    Halloween is such a fun time of the year for children; but when children encounter tricks instead of treats, this holiday can become very scary – and not just because of the decorations and frightening costumes. Abductions, bullying, candy that has been compromised; these are all things that can make Halloween a dreadful holiday for children and parents alike. In order to keep your kids safe this Halloween, educate them before they put on their costumes and start knocking on the neighbors doors. Here are 5 tips that can help keep those little ghosts and ghouls safe this – and every – Halloween. Plan a Route.
    Before your kids hit the town to gather goodies, plan a ....

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  • Back to School Tips for Parents

    Summertime is coming to an end, and with that comes all of the back to school anxiety and jitters that are common among children. Your child may experience common physical effects of anxiety associated with back to school time including symptoms from stomachaches to sleeping problems. They will also experience emotional stress from the fear of making new friends, meeting new teachers, fears of being bullied, the pressure of making good grades, and worries of being unpopular. With that said, it important for parents to first remember that these physical and emotional feelings are very common, and even the most well-adjusted kids are bound to feel some sort of pressure when they return to ....

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  • How Martial Arts Teach Teamwork and Cooperation

    Both in school and in life, kids need to learn how to work well with others. While they’re young, they must collaborate with fellow students on group projects – and play with them at recess. And when they grow up, they’ll need to know how to work with colleagues and clients to build success. You might think that because the study of martial arts is an individual pursuit, it doesn’t have anything to do with teamwork. But you’d be wrong. In our classes, kids pursue individual goals as they work to win belts and stripes. But, they do so as part of a team. We teach in a group environment for a reason. Working with other students gives kids the right environment ....

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