Online Training in West Hills

Get Quality Group Fitness Training in West Hills, No Matter Where Life Takes You

Life is busy, and sometimes it takes you away from our team at XplosiveFit! That's why we're here to help you Stay Home, Stay Healthy, and Stay Fit.

We’ve had to temporarily close our doors. Sad, I know. But on the bright side, our coaches now find themselves WITH MORE AVAILABILITY instead of 8-10 sessions a day. Our doors are closed, but we're still serving out community.

Here's what you get:

  • The most amazing coaches
  • unlimited workouts at home
  • a customized nutrition plan
  • recipe guide that will make broccoli taste like Oreos
  • a group of online friends you never had who are in this with you, Lysol and all
  • 1 on 1 and Group accountability

If you're interested in all of that, sign up for our results guaranteed program so that we can look great for summer when all of this is over!

Why Choose Online Training?

Sometimes, it's impossible to maintain a consistent schedule or to make it to our location in West Hills for personal training. Our team at XplosiveFit understands that life can be complicated, but that you still deserve high-quality training, personalized fitness, and the professional guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Our Online Training program gives you the opportunity to take on remote group fitness training, getting the same accountability and results without having to step through our doors. This program is the perfect opportunity for you to get all the benefits of traditional personal training without the locational restrictions.

Online Training can help you:
  • Build functional strength throughout your entire body
  • Enjoy healthy and sustainable weight loss strategies
  • Get professional guidance on fitness, nutrition, and more
  • Stay accountable week after week as you pursue your dreams

Get Started With Online Training at XplosiveFit!

No matter where life takes you, our Online Training program at XplosiveFit gives you all the tools you need to thrive. Reach out to us and schedule a consultation so we can talk about your specific needs, your goals, and how our team can help you become the best you can possibly be. 

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